Sayches Ltd. is a registered company in England and Wales with company number 12459045.

Sayches® is a registered trademark of Sayches Ltd. with trademark number UK00003467781 - UK00003477183

Product Overview

Sayches is a microblogging social media platform for ephemeral content giving its users the freedom of expression without the fear of repercussion. Unlike other social media platforms, posts on Sayches will be deleted after 24 hours, meaning your unfiltered thoughts and feelings won’t be around for long. A social network with a variety of functions, people utilise the platform to communicate on both a one-to-all and one-to-one basis. Helping users to share personal moments in their lives, we believe in the true integrity of conversation.

Sayches keeps you up to date with all the things that you need to and want to know, from sales online in your high street store, to a self-motivational quote, a humorous one liner to make you smile on the go or an update on the local weather or road closures. It is basic in nature so opens the platform to all.

Whether you want to just be nosey and follow one or many or whether you want to be active and post regularly, the choice is yours.

Find what you are interested in, start a list and view or take part in the discussions. Sayches gives people the chance to share their thoughts, events and activities for the day in short, sharp updates, which are posted, shared and then 24 hours later they disappear into the ether.

It is about short updates on ‘the now’ or sharing a funny anecdote in a relaxed and comfortable space, not writing beautiful pros that should last a lifetime.