Anonymous Pub: A key feature with Sayches is ‘Incognito Mode’. This allows you to post or debate on other posts anonymously. Users no longer need to feel insecure or worry that their post may cause controversy. We want to give our users the freedom to express their thoughts and the confidence to do so, knowing they cannot be identified. Anonymous posts will appear on a separate feed.

DMs one-to-one: On Sayches, you can send your Watchers private notes, visible only to the recipient. All chats will disappear from both sides after 24 hours. Remember, be yourself in every message.

Flair: Flairs work in a similar way to tagging and can be added to Pops on Sayches. Flairs can help watchers to filter through Pops so they can easily understand what you are sharing. You can select a flair for each of your Pops, depending on what you are talking about.

Hashtag: Now an essential part of any social media post, #hashtag are just as important on Sayches. They allow you to to follow topics, brands and news that you want to keep up to date with. They provide the opportunity to broaden your audience and enable you to link in with trending discussions and other people with interests similar to your own.

Highlights: You may wish to bring extra attention to your account. You can do this by adding highlights to your profile which stay visible on your profile until removed, and they will not disappear after 24 hours. Your highlights will be displayed in a circle on your profile page and can easily be viewed. Your highlights make a great addition to your profile page and can be a great lure for business.

Mention: You can @mention people if you are looking to get noticed, create a connection or perhaps trying to create an impression on someone.

Pin: Prevent your profile from being blank after 24 hours and make sure users know your profile is active. On Sayches, you can ‘pin’ one Pop to the top of your profile, making it the first thing people see when visiting your profile, so they instantly understand what matters to you. Pinning is a great way to promote your most important Pop, that you don’t want to disappear after 24 hours.

Ping: Users can ‘Ping’ other users to let them know that they are also on Sayches. The user ‘pinged’ can respond with a ‘pong’. When you are ‘pinged’, you will receive a notification.

Pop: On Sayches, a post is known as a Pop and your followers are your Watchers. You will find some Pops follow on from one another, while others are collages of moments from the previous 24 hours. While some Pops will be easy to understand, whimsical and fun, others may be more political - that’s all part of the Sayches experience. No matter how they flow or how much sense they make, Pops will always reflect your emotions and let your Watchers know what you are up to.

Each Pop lives for 24 hours before it disappears. There is no limit to the number of Pops you can share. No matter how crazy or how mundane they may seem, whether it is a personal opinion or breaking news, people can send whatever they like, because quite simply, everything disappears!

Tip: Write the essay. Summarise the essay. Post the summary. 24 hours later, start again.

Profile: At Sayches, we have a quick, easy and short registration process. Our users can choose what information they would like to enter while registering. Once the signing up process is complete, users will have their own profile page where they can start sharing, Watching and exploring the platform. At first, you will have a baby fish as a default avatar which indicates to other users that you are new to the platform. Users that wish to remain anonymous will have an anonymous fish symbol as a default avatar.

QR: On Sayches, you can Watch new friends simply by scanning their QR code. A great tip when you meet new people in person is to scan their QR codes on their profile, as this is often the fastest way to Watch people. QR codes can be read by any supporting third-party camera applications.

Reactions (Why only like, when you can react?): Most social media platforms allow you to ‘like’ a post, but why stop there? On Sayches, users can react with a post in six different ways, including: Wow, Love, Haha, Like, Sad and Anger.

Ringing Bell: You will likely Watch a lot of people and this can sometimes mean you miss out on the most important Pops in your lunchtime scrolling session. On Sayches, you can make sure you never miss updates from your favourite accounts by turning on the ringing bell to be notified of new Pops.

Trends: Sayches uses an algorithm to determine what is trending so that users can keep up to date with the hottest posts. The algorithm will also be determined by geographical location and topics you have previously shown interest in.

Warrant Canary: Warrant Canary means that Sayches has not been served with a secret government subpoena to obtain access to your information or records. Watch very closely for the removal of this sign.

Watch: A fundamental part of using the platform, ‘Watching’ is our version of following specific accounts that may interest you. Whether you have a personal or business account, the same functionalities apply. Watching enables you to receive regular updates from the account holder.