Privacy Policy

Last update: 23/04/2022

Data Type Optional Required Linked to You Used to Track You Duration Purpose
Cookies Identifiers
βœ• βœ“ βœ“ βœ• 1 Year and 2 Weeks App Functionality
Images User Content βœ“ βœ• βœ“ βœ• User Content App Functionality
Financial Info Financial Info βœ“ βœ• βœ“ βœ• N/A App Functionality
Images User Content βœ“ βœ• βœ“ βœ• Permanent App Functionality
Messages User Content
βœ“ βœ• βœ“ βœ• 24 Hours App Functionality
Profile Info Contact Info βœ“ βœ• βœ“ βœ• Up to Deletion or 12 Months If Inactive App Functionality
When? Where? Why? Change Without Notice GDPR Law Enforcement Authorities
Install, Use, Browse or Participate in Our Services Third-Party Data Centres in London, United Kingdom - Fulfil our Obligations
- App Functionality
βœ“ βœ“ Disclose If the Court Orders

- PP & ToS are often too long to read, but it is important to understand what it contains. Your rights on the Internet depend on it. We believe PP & ToS should be presented as clearly as contents of a food package. Most companies write terms for judges, when they should be written for their customers.
– App Functionality: Such as to authenticate the user, enable features, prevent fraud, implement security measures, ensure server up-time, improve scalability and performance, or perform customer support.
– Developer’s Advertising or Marketing: Such as sending first-party marketing communications directly to the user.