Transparency Report

Last update: 22/07/2021

A. Sayches (“Sayches” or “we” or “us”) are committed to your protecting and maintaining your privacy and remaining transparent about government requests for user (“User/s”) data. This statement provides information regarding government requests that may be received globally for the data of Users of our platform (the “Platform”).  

B. We actively seek to adopt best practice guidelines for protection of our Users online. As a result, we have implemented internal procedures that enable us to identify, remove and prevent the appearance or reappearance of illegal content on our Platform. We have set up specific dedicated communication channels and reporting mechanisms to strengthen cooperation with national User protection authorities.

C. As part of our efforts to remain transparent with Users on when requests for data have been received by us, we have built the warrant canary (“Warrant Canary”) feature into our Platform. Each profile features a small black and white canary icon in the top right hand corner adjacent to their profile picture. The Warrant Canary is automatically visible on all new User profiles registered with the Platform. On receipt of a request for User data from a relevant local authority (and at all times, subject to the requirements in section D below), the Warrant Canary will be removed from the relevant User profile. Removal of the Warrant Canary serves as notification to the User that their data has been requested by a competent law enforcement authority.

D. Sayches may receive various forms of legal requests from law enforcement authorities for User data from time to time. In line with legal requirements and best practice guidelines, where we are required to do so, we will comply with such requests. For the avoidance of doubt, Sayches shall only comply with requests from overseas authorities where these are accompanied by a court order from the courts of England and Wales. Government and law enforcement authorities are required to follow applicable laws and statutes when requesting User information and data from us. We will never respond to unclear or unlawful requests for your data.

E. We will publish regular reports to give our community visibility into how we enforce our policies and internal procedures, respond to data requests and protect our intellectual property. We will take steps including:

i. Publishing reports containing information on User data disclosure.
ii. Publishing reports that disclose data on content removal requests; and
iii. Publishing reports that share data on a range of issues relating to policies, practices and access to User information within the Platform.

F. All data requests are checked by our legal team. In the event of questions about the legality of an order under UK laws, Sayches will always request further clarification from the UK authorities. If doubts persist and the request appears to be inconsistent with legal requirements, Sayches will object to it to the extent permitted by law.

G. Our Privacy Policy explains the way we handle and protect your personal data and privacy in relation to your use of the Platform.


As of 2021, we have received 0 requests from 0 jurisdictions.