Sayches: Where Things Come and Go

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Invasion of privacy online and the inability to exercise free rein when using the Internet is the cause of tremendous anxiety for people right now. We have sought to develop a social media platform that alleviates these stresses by offering users optimum privacy, and the opportunity to communicate and share opinions without fear of being tracked down the line.

Introducing a new social media service when the industry is already flooded with them may seem pointless, with each area and target audience already catered for. From YouTube for videos, Instagram for images, TripAdvisor for travel and Facebook for communication and networking, you may question the necessity for another.

With the exclusion of Snapchat, using social media is akin to getting a permanent tattoo on your hand. Like it or not, it is there for good for the world to see. Instead, we want to offer people the option of a temporary tattoo, one that is visible to a few people for a short while and then goes away. We want to enable people to express themselves, perhaps those that are living in countries facing oppression, or those wishing to share their views but fear backlash and intimidation.

Social Media plays a part in all corners of life nowadays, particularly within the world of politics, where it is used to communicate political stances and greatly influence views.

Sayches Ltd. values the freedom to voice opinions and its vision is to design a space where people worldwide are able to express their thoughts and communicate freely without cause for concern.


What Is a Microblog?

Microblogging gives users the chance to post short, concise updates on their profile to share with their audience. There are various types of blogs available, and as the word suggests, microblogging is differentiated by its length, in that the posts are short texts, images and links. This particular type of blogging uses actual and aggregated file sizes that are smaller than other blogs. Microblogs, or microposts as they are also known, are commonly used to post short one line text updates, links to videos and images of social interest.


What Is Ephemeral Content & Why Use It?

What? Ephemeral content, by definition, is content that only lasts for a short time. Ephemeral social media platforms enable people to post content that is only visible for a short amount of time, after which it vanishes and is no longer visible. But why, you may ask? What’s the point if it disappears so quickly? Because it is an exceptionally popular tool for reaching a large audience. As it has developed, users are becoming more and more engaged with the idea of content that vanishes. It allows ongoing posts without overstuffing your main feed, it is great for on the go use and users feel like they are engaged in the present, seeing something genuine and real.

Why? Why not? In a world where digital freedom and invasion of privacy is limited and everything you have ever posted or shared across a multitude of social media sites is a permanent feature, like the aforementioned permanent hand tattoo that is visible forever more, it offers something different. The ability to post and share without having to analyse the words too deeply for fear it is accessible for life, offers people a more relaxed approach to uploading. It removes anxiety over receiving a backlash, or indeed the fear of receiving no likes at all. It is also not visible long term to parents or employers, current and future.

Using the Sayches platform enables you to post anything you like, knowing that it will be gone again in 24 hours. People can track your previous posts, opinions and views online through social media platforms, so there’s a permanent ‘what if’ at the back of your mind when posting something. With this option, you can let go of that concern, relax and post away in the quiet comfort that nothing is there for good.

Knowing that posts are here today and gone tomorrow encourages people to get involved and keeps them keen to stay involved.

Sayches is a great tool for businesses too. It offers a way for companies to become more approachable and to engage with the people who buy their products and services, by giving them a behind-the-scenes snapshot of life in their organisation. A company’s ethos, approach and transparency are very important to customers and potential employees nowadays.

People like to know ‘how things are done’ and microblogging, if used well by businesses, offers the public a peek into their world, and ringing a human touch to the organisation. Businesses can also use this as a sales and marketing tool, generating interest and engagement for current events taking place, company updates, news flashes and statements. Delivering news through this approach can help increase brand awareness and engagement due to the ease with which people can scan and read the information, the speed with which they can react and their desire to stay engaged to find out more for fear of missing out (FOMO).


What Is Sayches & What Are Its Benefits?

What? Sayches replicates the process of having a chat with a friend. Where you engage in chit chat back and forth, not considering your words too carefully, but more enjoying the flow of the conversation. Later that day, when you reflect on the conversation you had with your friend, you don’t remember the intricate details of what was said, just the key points or the funny parts, and in some instances not much at all.

What does Sayches do? It keeps you up to date with all the things that you need and want to know, from your favourite brand's latest products, to a self-motivational quote, a humorous one-liner to make you smile on the go or an update on the local weather or road closures. It is basic in nature so opens the platform to all. Whether you just want to be nosy and follow people, or you want to be active and post regularly, the choice is yours. Find what you are interested in, start a list and view or take part in the discussions.

Where? Sayches is UK based but used around the globe.

Sayches is open to everyone all over the world, making the world a smaller place and enabling people to communicate globally at ease. They are offered a safe place to share their thoughts, both good and bad.

Press and journalists will have an open forum without fear to share news and views. A digital space where people no longer face manipulation or fear when sharing content, due to the potential consequences.

Sayches gives people the chance to share their thoughts, events and activities for the day in short, sharp updates, which are posted, shared and then 24 hours later they disappear into the ether. It is about short updates on ‘the now’ or sharing a funny anecdote in a relaxed and comfortable space, not writing beautiful prose that should last a lifetime.

Sayches offers a chance to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues throughout the day with short back and forth updates that let everyone know what they are up to. In fact, it goes beyond your friends and family, a worldwide community of people, friends and newcomers at their desks and on their phones, giving their own answers to common conversation starters like “What are you up to”?

As a real-time information network, Sayches garners momentum from people using it to tell others what is going on in their corner of the world, what is important to them, what they are thinking about and what is new and exciting.

Why? Sayches is developing new ways of communicating on social platforms that help remove the barriers that prevent people from expressing themselves online and give people a voice and freedom to speak, with the knowledge that it will be gone the next day.

You can connect with people you know, those you admire and those that inspire you. You can read what your favourite people are up to or keep an eye on businesses you use to see if they have any promotions popping up.

Sayches is seeking to give people a place where they can feel comfortable to share, and confident that it will not leave a permanent black mark against their name. Sayches can play a pivotal role in providing a safe place, particularly in relation to the below:

Politically: A platform for press, media and activists to share their views, opinions and knowledge, particularly in countries where the fear of leaving a permanent imprint would prevent them from doing so on other sites.

Socially: Overcome your fear of being antagonised or intimidated for expressing an opinion and share a thought or feeling of the moment, without casting it in stone. Dropped your guard and shared something you wished you hadn’t? Said something that was taken the wrong way and you’d rather not see it again? There’ll be no instant replays of your good and bad past behaviours.

Friends: Sayches helps you remain in constant contact with your friends. Those who want a play-by-play update of a party or event they are missing out on, can avoid the fear of missing out (FOMO) once and for all.

Family: Eating soup? Research shows that mums want to know. Little updates here and there on daily activities, like what you are eating for lunch, are of interest to your family and friends. Baked a cake with the kids? Tell us. People want to know.

Teenagers: Sayches gives teenagers a platform to share feelings, thoughts and information. It also removes the risk of gaining a black mark against their name for life for a potential minute of silliness, as well as giving them a private space away from their folks.

Employers: Employers are looking at more than your CV these days when assessing your suitability for a job. An applicant’s digital footprint will be examined and any brief moments of madness could come back to bite them. A comment taken out of context or something unintentionally inappropriate, could lead to issues throughout their career. But not with Sayches.