The Human Right to Privacy, a Promise from Sayches

May 31, 2021, 11:35 p.m. Cover Image

Just because you are not on Facebook or Twitter does not mean your data is protected from these giants. The big conglomerates have an extremely sophisticated way of extracting data. Not only does it pull data about individuals on their platforms but also the individuals social circle.

Regardless of whether you created an account on Facebook or Twitter, the likelihood is, if you have friends and family who are on social media, you are also known to them.

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook use a model which creates the user’s persona.

Researchers used theoretical tools that incorporated structural and sequential approaches to create an image of the user’s persona. They also analysed the user’s most recent posts to predict what their future posts would be. The results were extraordinary.

It is for this reason why data is so valuable to the social media moguls. They are able to sell your data or very strategically market products to you. This all raises questions the nature of privacy and how it is possible to achieve it within a highly networked society.

How good does a new social networking platform which protects your privacy by design sound? Sounds cool, right? Sayches is here to do exactly that.