We Introduce to You, Sayches

May 31, 2021, 11:40 p.m. Cover Image

Here we introduce to you Sayches - an ephemeral microblogging platform that actively works to protect your online privacy, without having to employ extra anti-surveillance measures. This platform allows users to create regular ‘microblogs’ and it provides a place where freedom of expression can be enjoyed without fear of repercussions occurring for the things we think and say.

We live in a world where digital freedom is limited and invasion of privacy is common, with everything you have ever posted or shared across the multitude of social media platforms being a permanent feature. Sayches offers something different, as it allows its users to post and share without having to micro-analyse every word because of its permanence.

Users get to enjoy a more relaxed approach when getting involved with Sayches, as there is no fear of a backlash or indeed anxiety about receiving no likes for your posts. Everything shared is not visible long term to parents or current and future employers.

When you use the Sayches platform, you can post anything you like, safe in the knowledge that it will disappear 24 hours later. Knowing that posts are here today and gone tomorrow, encourages people to relax, post with freedom and get involved, unlike social media platforms that allow previous opinions and views to be tracked by others. With Sayches, there’s never a ‘what if’ in the back of your mind.